Monday, July 14, 2008


Just got back from the American Idols Live concert, or as I like to call it, Mormonpalooza. Holy crap were there a lot of "Mo's" there. It was a veritable sea of Mo's in Archuleta Land. Here's the view from our seats (which made the nosebleed section look like front row tickets to us).

Actually, I didn't mind the seats, because: 1) I didn't really care 2) my seat was right on the end of a row and right near a light, so I could successfully crochet during the entire show and 3) we could oversee everything happening in the E-Center and make our rude comments without offending anyone (oh wait, rude comments? huh?). You know you're jealous of my ability to crochet while completely entranced by a bunch of karaoke singers.

OK, I'll admit it - the show wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I had imagined a bunch of crappy group numbers akin to that traveling roadshow "Up With People" from when I was young. Luckily, they handled each singer with a three song set and I didn't completely hate it. But when "Archie" (David Archuleta, that is) came on, I thought my ears might start bleeding from the noise levels. Those Mo's lost their damn minds for the kid. Holy hell.

Here's a picture of Archie on-stage - however, it was taken by my iPhone, so it's possible it's not the best picture ever taken. At least you can gauge how far away our lovely seats were. The most annoying part of the show by far was when they had an intermission and some stupid Guitar Hero competition. If you thought the commercials and constant product placement on the shows were bad, you should see the crap they pull at the live show. My goodness! As though they weren't making enough money off the franchise. Overall, it was better than I thought. My dad enjoyed watching Archie live and I enjoyed mocking Mormonpalooza. A good time had by all.


plainoldsarah said...

were you in "up with people"? i used to know a girl who did that. we sure mocked it!

MaryDoYaWantTo said... that is friggan hilarious. SLC is such a strange darn tootin place! At least you got some crocheting in.

BCassFam said...

Up with People oh that was a special group.

denedu said...

That is too funny! The image I got in my head when you described the "mormonpalooza" extravaganza was thousands of little girls(the one that cried for sanjaya) screaming for Archie. hahaha