Saturday, July 19, 2008

Even Stars Get Tongue Tied

The only good thing about being unable to sleep is that I get caught up on my late night TV watching. The other night I saw Caroline Rhea on a talk show (I couldn't tell you which one to save my life, but she was really funny) discussing her upcoming film (or TV show - hey, it was late) with Olivia Newton-John. Caroline said it was so hard to work with Olivia because every time she saw her she wanted to say, "I'm Hopelessly Devoted to You! Let's Get Physical!" Can you imagine if she did? I loved hearing that even celebrities get tongue tied around other celebs - especially icons like the beloved Olivia Newton-John (and yes, it was completely necessary to post her picture as the "bad girl" Sandy in Grease). I can totally see myself saying the most retarded things to Olivia in person. I'd be ridiculous, I can assure you.

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