Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Genius Bar is Genius

Last night I had to take my ailing iPhone and my dad's shuffle into the Apple store to be looked at by "The Genius Bar." Have you ever gone to one of these things?!?! It's SO cool! Basically it's a bar set up in your local Apple store with resident Apple experts and you bring them your problems (computer, iPod, iPhone, what have you) and they fix them. Easy as that! I've tried to go in the past, but forgot to make an appointment and could never get it, so yesterday I made sure to plan ahead. What a breeze! I got right in, they diagnosed the shuffle (bad cord, gave me a new one), and wanted to give me a new iPhone on the spot. Of course, my faint heart couldn't quite make the switch until I knew all my contacts were safe and sound, so I've been updating them all morning. Man, I know a lot of people! Who knew I was quite so popular?? :) When I pick up the new iPhone this afternoon (fingers crossed!) everything should (that being the operative word) transfer right over. Everyone think happy, positive thoughts that my phone transition will be a smooth one. Oh, and, no, I'm not upgrading to the new new iPhone, I'm just getting a new one since my old one came askew in the back. It still works, but it makes me nervous to have the insides all exposed like that. Hence, the new phone (for free since it's under warranty - yay!).

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