Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh Baby Baby

I really need to organize my old photographs. My baby book has pretty much seen its last day.
The good news for you is that as I've been going through it, I scan in anything that makes me laugh. Here are your gems for today.

A family trip to Disneyland. Notice how much taller I seem than the rest of my siblings (was I temporarily a giant?!?), how too cool for school I was (way too cool to pose for a picture), and how hot stuff my shorts were. You know you're jealous.

Yes, even baby Pinky wore pink. I scanned these because they're with my friends Ash and Arsh (the wedding I just went to in Catalina). I love seeing the whole neighborhood gang together like this.At a Junior High dance with Ashkan (who was the groom) and Walt (one of the groomsmen)Eighth grade graduation. No, my dress was not made out of colored tin foil.
The other picture from meeting Josh Brolin. My friend Katrina likes to rub it in that his head is leaning towards her (jerk). :)

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