Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WOW!!! What a Surprise!

Yesterday I came home from work to find my apartment had been miraculously cleaned (!). What a glorious surprise to walk into a nice, sparkly uncluttered apartment. All the pink things (wait, my place is pink?) neatly organized, the dishes and (as my dad called it) "a years worth of silverware" put away where they belong (who knew that's what those drawers were for???), my flamingos in order, and everything spic and span. My dad went above and beyond and totally didn't need to do that....but wow! I'm really happy he did. :) I just wanted to send him out a very big thank you for the past week of fun, for spoiling me rotten (who, me?), and especially for cleaning the pink palace. I truly appreciate it! I love you. Thank you.

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MaryDoYaWantTo said...

That was really sweet of your Dad!