Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One Year Ago

It's funny to think about life and how much can change in a year. While it's true time seems to speed up (or at least it feels that way) as we get older, it's still surprising that just yesterday I was leaving on my big Seattle adventure. Yep, one year ago I was visiting Seattle Guy (is that his official name? I can't remember. Oh well, it is now) for four days. As a quick background, Seattle Guy worked with me in California at a fancy restaurant in Morro Bay. He was a cook and I was a waitress. He was the first person I dated after my divorce and while it wasn't anything serious by any means, he moved away not long after we'd started dating, so I guess we always felt like we had some unfinished business. We reconnected on myspace last year and talked on the phone a few times. For whatever reason, what he said to me on the phone (and trust me, it was smushy, cute, and gave me hope that maybe we were destined to be together - I know, I know...) was enough to inspire me to visit him for the weekend. So I did. It was a big step, a leap of faith, and I totally decided to go for it, figuring it couldn't hurt. Well, without re-hashing the whole thing, let's just say that the weekend was less than stellar, a total bust. See the look on his face? Yeah. Pretty accurate for the whole weekend. Granted, we did have fun one day when we went into Seattle (here I am at Pike's Market),but for the most part we had major communication issues (meaning, we just didn't communicate well at all). I left crying hysterically, took an earlier flight, and was sure we'd never speak again. While I was wrong about that, we have talked....but still fight. He's since moved on and is now living with someone else and I wish them well (that's what I'm supposed to say, right?) I just actually found out that the guy who proposed to me in April got married. Wow. That was, um, fast. Perhaps being with me is some sort of lucky charm?

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MaryDoYaWantTo said...

Hmmm now it's time for you to find a lucky charm!