Thursday, July 31, 2008

No, We Didn't Call Each Other and Plan It

My friend Angie and I happen to both be wearing blue today. Not just blue, but the exact same color of blue. I've got a blue dress and she has a blue shirt and skirt. No real concern, except we always hang out together - we get our water together in the morning, we eat lunch together, we walk to the bank and the company store get the point. So, all day long, people have been exclaiming, "You're matching! Did you call each other and plan it?! Tee hee hee." Now, it might have been funny the first 1,000 times we heard it, but now it's just annoying. Can't anyone come up with anything more original? No, we didn't plan it. No, we didn't call each other. Yes, you are retarded.

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