Tuesday, October 5, 2010

They Don't Always Love The Pink

I think it's funny the responses I get to my celebrity pictures - especially the ones where they think: 1) I just randomly run into these people (trust me, most of the time, I intentionally go where they'll be. There are lists and leaked information...it's ridiculous how much information is available if you know where to look) 2) Everyone is nice. They're not. Hello, I've written enough Open Letters and bad experiences for you to know I get shut down by some real class (cough cough) acts. Case in point: Jimmy Smits. One look at this picture and you can see that he totally hates my guts. I'm not exactly why because all I did was ask him for a picture in a nice way...since when is that a crime? Look, I get it, obviously he didn't want to do it, but it doesn't mean make a scowly douchey face in the picture. Then again, he did do it...so there's that. Other people (I'm looking at you, Nancy Cartwright, Edward Norton, and Dane Cook) are even too bothered to take two seconds out of their oh-so-busy-and-important life to do that. So, OK, I guess Jimmy gets a pass after all. Fine.

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