Friday, October 29, 2010

The Evolution of the Playground

Once upon a time long ago and far away there was a world where the highlight of going to McDonald's was...well, McDonald's. If you were lucky there'd be a bench with Ronald McDonald's face on it and you'd get your 45 cent hamburger, a few fries, and your day had been made. We didn't have Happy Meals, we didn't have apples instead of fries, and we certainly didn't have playlands. Of course, as I grew up I became a first-hand witness to the Happy Meal, the apple slices, and the playlands. Sadly, the playlands became big at the same time I was almost too big to play in them. Plus, they looked a lot like this sad looking thing. Don't get me wrong, to a ten-year-old, this set-up in the '80s was a dream come true, but looking back on it now is almost laughable.
Earlier today I was at the local McDonald's with my nephew Max and was admiring the evolution of the playland. This was the picture I took with my iPhone and I must admit, it's a piece of work. I wonder what the fanciest playland is? Who designs these? So many questions...

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