Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Take It All Back

Last night I received a message from one of my collector friends letting me know that my nemesis and arch-enemy, Dane Cook, was scheduled to appear on a show today and was shooting at a fairly easy location to get to. Not wanting to jinx myself, I only told one or two people that I was even planning, yet again, to try for Dane. Of course I was already expecting an unhappy ending (involving tears of some sort) so as not to be too terribly disappointed when he said no again. Luckily, no tears were necessary because Dane must've taken his happy pills today. Not only did he take pictures, but I even got to ask him a question on the show as part of the audience. Now, I doubt it'll air with my little segment, but the point was that I got to be close to Dane and then ask him for a picture (whilst touching his abs....don't be too jealous). He said, "Sure." Um, what? Sure?!?! When did this miracle occur? At one point during the picture taking time, he actually said, "Anyone else?" Um, hello! I've only been waiting for five hundred years! (slight exaggeration).
Of course, the whole time I was worried he'd recognize me from all the slagging press I've written about him, so when he asked me my name, I may have used my "real" name instead of Pinky Lovejoy. Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. At least I got the pic, right? How excited do I look? I'm like the happiest girl alive in this photo. :)

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