Friday, October 15, 2010

Pinky's Fandance - Alicia Silverstone

In the world of Celebrity Appreciation, sometimes it's hard not to go into certain situations with pre-conceived notions. You see, the collecting game is a whole lot of waiting around and we collectors, well, we like to talk. Our favorite topic? Celebrities, obviously. We like to tell everyone who's nice, who's not nice, who will take pictures and who won't. Sometimes this is very helpful. Other times not so much because it can prevent someone from taking a chance and asking for a picture. No matter what rumors persist, there's always that one time the celebrity seems to do it. And for all you know, you might be that one time. I saw Alicia Silverstone the other day as she quickly walked by me and luckily I'd never heard the report that she "doesn't do it." Apparently, she's been known to not only not take a picture, but to give a lecture on why she won't. As I had no idea this was the case, I innocently went up to her, told her I was a huge fan (which I am - hello Clueless. Hello Blast From The Past) and asked if she'd take a picture. She said sure. Super easy. Also, apparently super rare. Hooray! Thanks, Alicia. :) You rule.

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