Friday, October 15, 2010

It's All About The Shoes

I'm fairly certain we've discussed my less-than-perfect feet. For whatever reason, my feet suck and love to be difficult and crack. Whatever. Because of this, I need to be extra careful with my shoes. While I'd love to go barefoot or wear sandals all the time, in order to fend off the cracking, it's best if I wear socks and use lotion on my feet whenever possible. The problem is finding shoes that look cute with socks and most of my dresses. I've had a pair I wore WAY too much, but they were good on my feet. Now that I've worn them into the ground, I had to find some new shoes. So, a few weeks ago, my sister and I found these shoes at Ross. I loved them and they were super comfortable and cute, but they had this weird bend in them, so I passed. Ever since then I've been regretting that decision - even going as far as dreaming about the shoes - so today we went on a hunt for the shoes. Two Ross stores later in this area and nothing. Fail. Luckily, I went to lunch with my good friend Julie in Thousand Oaks and after a delightful meal I hit up a Ross near the restaurant. Success was mine! I'm so excited to try them out tomorrow. :) They're super cute, right?

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