Sunday, October 24, 2010

What's 20+ Years Among Friends?

Do you remember my story about our old band called KALJ and my friend Aaron who plays drums in the cool band, drumfish? Well, this is Aaron. He came through town today whilst visiting from back east and it's the first time I've seen him since we graduated from Junior High back in 1987. Can you believe it?
Obviously, I used to have a huge crush on him back in the day. Duh. Who wouldn't? It was awesome to catch up with him and hear about what he's been up to, his family, and band. So fun to see old friends! Thank you, Facebook, for bringing the world together.Speaking of Facebook, this is Allen and his wife, Monique. I grew up with Allen, but only met his wife through Facebook. We've been trying to meet forever and today was finally the day! Although it was much too brief, I'm glad I finally got to see Allen and meet Monique. What a fun friend day! :)

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