Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So Great They Were Worth The Wait

Yesterday I had some time to kill between an appointment and an engagement (could that sound more pompous? I think not), so I headed over to The Grove to check out the Extra interviews for the day. On the schedule, along with Nancy O'Dell (who was sooo nice), were Cindy Crawford and Joan Collins. Of course, I knew I'd be unable to get close to either of them with the douchebag security at The Grove (seriously, they are RIDICULOUS), but I still wanted to see them in person.Now, I'm going to be honest here - Cindy Crawford has never floated my boat. I never really got the big deal about her and wasn't sure how she'd be in person. I stand here today completely corrected. Cindy Crawford is exquisite. Seriously, I've been doing this a long time and I'm usually disappointed when I see someone in real life. Not in this case. Cindy was awe inspiring.Equally impressive? Joan freaking Collins. Hello, icon. She was dressed head-to-toe in white and was just the epitome of class. I loved seeing her. I'm attending an event in a few weeks where she'll be the mother of David Spade (genius casting!) and I can't wait. It was so cool to see her in person. She definitely doesn't disappoint.

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