Saturday, October 23, 2010

Congratulations & Salutations

Big congrats going out to the following celebs on their recent arrivals: Matt Damon and his wife welcomed yet another girl into their fold. Apparently Matt only knows how to make girls. If he'd like to spread the wealth, I'm available to procreate another girl with. I'm just saying.
Celine Dion welcomed twin boys into the world today. Let's hope she cuts their hair better than she cuts the hair of her oldest son.NPH continues to crack me up on Twitter where he claimed to have posted a picture of his son's diaper. Not believing this for a minute, I clicked on the link to see what it'd say and found this picture. He's holding a sign that says, "Wow...Did you really just click on a link to ap icture of a diaper filled with poo? REALLY?" Funny guy...Can't wait to see the pics of his new twins (just not of their diapers).

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