Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why So Serious? Yes, You Can Have My Autograph

I thought you'd enjoy seeing these lovely shots taken of me asking Dane Cook a question on Extra. Apparently, I was very serious. Also, obviously we're BFFs. Here's where I asked Dane (after watching his video for "It Gets Better" if he'd ever been bullied in his youth. He had.)
Did Mario Lopez fall asleep during the interview? I like how I'm very interested (to the point of being terrified to look at) and that I made sure to hold up the microphone (despite Dane having a microphone attached to his shirt).Oh, look. Mario woke up. That was nice of him. I'm continuing to look very interested in whatever Dane was saying, although truthfully all I was thinking was, "Am I going to finally get a picture with this guy, or what?? Thankfully the answer to that was YES. :)

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