Friday, October 15, 2010

No More Emergencies, Thankyouverymuch

It's been a crazy week. While not really wanting to go into too much detail about my private life and the lives of those around me, suffice it to say that if I don't see the inside of a hospital again for a very long time I'll be pleased as punch (side note: What the hell does pleased as punch even mean? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?). The up side is that things appear to be getting better; the downside is that I have no idea what day it is and the whole week's been a blur at best. I find it interesting how people deal with trauma. I always thought when faced with bad news I'd want to be on the phone and talking to other people to draw comfort from them. In truth, apparently I don't really want to talk to anyone or do anything except face the tasks at hand. I didn't listen to my voicemails from Monday until today. I didn't want to answer my phone or communicate more than the basic minimum. What is that about? Oh, yeah. I'm also overly tired. Hence, rambling. My apologies. Please skip to the next post that's a lost less warbled.

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