Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why, Hello There, New Crush. How YOU Doin'?

With sincere apologies to Sam Trammell, I'm afraid he might just be replaced as my latest Big Celebrity Crush. Garrett Hedlund starred in Country Strong with Gwyneth and he was sexy, adorable, and can carry a tune (a triple threat!). There were moments on the screen when you just wanted to melt because he was such hot stuff. Apparently Garrett was on Four Brothers, Friday Night Lights, Troy, and will be on the upcoming Tron and I'll tell you this: I think he's going to be huge. You know how I am with my hunches. I'm spot on.I wish these pictures did more to accentuate the quality he's got going for him. It'd make you swoon. I'm not kidding - my friend and I were dying the entire movie over how sexy he was. That voice. Those lips. I'm definitely buying the soundtrack to the movie. It was amazing. Two thumbs WAY up.

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