Friday, October 22, 2010

So I May Have Professed My Love To David Spade

Let's talk about my ridiculous, larger than life, mind-boggling crush on David Spade. It's there. We all know it is. Don't judge me. Just accept it. Meeting him the first time was amazing, but the picture? Not *quite* as amazing. What is he looking at? Why is his hand in the air? Supposedly this is his "standard pose" (pursed lips, side glance, peace sign), but I wasn't buying it, so I went for another picture as quickly as I could at a different event.This time I handed my camera off to someone else to take the picture, thinking that it was going to be much better. I was wrong. This one seems worse for some reason because he looks so bored he might fall asleep mid-picture. WTF.
Tonight I ran into him again and I'd like to report that our picture turned out better. It didn't. After the first picture, I asked him again for a different one, saying he should look at the camera and not purse his lips. No go again. While it's true we did take another picture, it basically looks exactly like the one above. Even worse? When I told him I just wanted a good picture, that I had five pics with him (slight exaggeration, but whatever) and all of them had his same silly look, he said, "You have five pics. That should be enough." My response? Are you ready for this? "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU." Um, really? Really, Pinky? Do you really need to throw yourself under the bus that much and profess your love to David Spade? Pull yourself together, miss. You're better than that.

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