Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Red Hill Premiere Night

One of the best things about the Malibu surfing event a few months back was getting to meet my new friend, Lynn, who writes for a True Blood blog called The Vault. She was standing next to me when I was talking to Sam and we ended up being fast friends. Last night she scored us tickets to the premiere of Ryan Kwanten's new movie called Red Hill, so we made a night of it - dinner, the movie, and then I introduced her to Pinkberry. It was a great night! As you see in the picture below, we were in the middle of the collectors when Ryan got out of his car. Lynn is the one talking to Ryan and I'm behind her with my head down (checking my picture).
Although Lynn is a diehard True Blood fan, she's not quite as seasoned on the celeb pictures, so I showed her how it's done. We were laughing all night - it was great! Red Hill was intense, but Ryan was amazing in it. I shut my eyes through most of the bloody film, but it was well done nonetheless. Thanks, Lynn! It was super fun.

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