Friday, October 15, 2010

Facebook Brings The Stars To Me

Ian Ziering and I are friends on Facebook. Don't be jealous. Because of this, I get to see his updates and pictures and what he's up to now. Currently, he's selling NuSkin. I know. I wanted to question it, as well, except for the fact that he's SO excited about it and honestly believes in the product. His energy gets me excited and, in turn, interested about the product. The other day he posted about a product called "Vitality" that gives you energy and makes you feel like a million bucks. Um, let me think about that for two seconds...Sold! Seriously, gimme. I mean, maybe it'll work and maybe it won't, but I have to try it and see. Perhaps we'll have a miracle product, right?
Anyway, I contacted Ian on Facebook and he called me (again, don't be too jealous) and we decided to meet up at the local coffee house for the big exchange of product. How cool was that? Of course I'll be sure to give you a full report on how the Vitality is treating me. And if I like it...perhaps I can start selling it? All this time I've been looking for a job and perhaps the answer is right under my nose. :)

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Kate said...

I LOVED that he commented on your FB page about meeting you on his photo! It was so cool! Looking forward to the updates...