Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Can't Help It If He Follows Me Around

OK, so maybe he doesn't quite follow me around, but it's funny to pretend, right? Tonight I attended the Scream Awards (blech), which were a big disaster, and I was stuck there all night. Originally the whole point was to go because Sam Trammell (have I mentioned my big crush? Oh, I have? Nevermind) was nominated for an award, so of course I had to get a picture, right? How was I to know that I was also going to see him earlier this week? He teased me about taking time away from other people when I have pics already, but here's the thing - I had to fight two security guards, endure countless hours of boredom, and get booted from the general area several times before I could even see Sam, so if I had a chance for a picture, I was taking it. Aside from a few other pictures, the entire event was a seeing Sam made up for it. Of course, I probably still should've stayed home, but I'll know better next year that this event sucks. Too many collectors, too much security, and too many places the celebs can choose to leave from. Scream Awards = FAIL. Oh, another fail? Look at my face. This is why I shouldn't go out celeb hunting with boys - they're clueless. I've got chocolate on my chin and some sort of shmutz on my teeth. Hello. By the time this picture was taken I'd been at the event like six hours. Um, hi. No one could've had my back and told me to clean my face? GAH!

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