Friday, October 8, 2010

Celebrity Wrap Up - Sunday Edition

Hello and welcome to Sunday's early edition of Celebrity Wrap Up (sitting in Starbucks - not doing this again until the internet is back up). Now, as someone with questionable feet, I understand the need to wear socks on some occasions when you'd rather not. However, I think Rihanna is just trying to mess with me here.
Nicole Kidman: If you're having a bad hair day (which, trust me, you are), I think you should embrace the need for a hat. K? Thanks.Is there anything cuter than a tattooed bad-ass with his cherub-like daughter? I think not.This shirt confuses me. Where does it end? Is that her sternum? I think my eyes are bleeding.
Contrary to popular belief, the lady sitting next to Janet Jackson is not, in fact, a clown. How does she keep from laughing?

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