Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nosebleed, Nosebleed, Go Away

I've been getting nosebleeds for so long they're like second nature to me. However, having a nosebleed from the time you wake up (after blowing your nose) until the time you leave work is a *wee* bit concerning. Boy, what a lovely lunch companion I was today! I'm sure you can only imagine. Luckily my good friend Angie finally rescued me by going to get me some Afrin (which constricted my blood vessels and stopped the blood from spewing all over). Sorry, I know it's not a nice visual. And, really, it's even worse from where I'm sitting. Man, this sucks. I'm wipe out. Well, I have lost a lot of blood. I can't really guarantee I'll be able to blog more later or have anything remotely interesting to say until I get my blood count back up (and, yes, I do plan on using that excuse for a few days. Get used to it). Ugh.

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