Monday, July 27, 2009

My BFF in Bakersfield

The final stop on Pinky's California Adventure took me to my BFF Lanette's house in Bakersfield. It's always so much fun to see her and the family. I cannot believe how big her kids are getting (especially considering I was there when they were born). I've known Lanette since we were for her to have a son rapidly approaching that age (he'll be 11 this year, but still) is a bit of a trip. We stayed up until midnight and then I left around 8:30ish this it was a brief trip. Still, it was great to see them. I did a lot of driving yesterday and it probably would've made more sense for me to just go home through Reno, but I wanted to be sure I saw Lanette so I doubled back a bit (hence all the miles driven this weekend) after making one other stop yesterday in San Jose. I know, I know. Needless to say, I'll be walking and/or riding my bike (well, someday when I get it back) everywhere from now on. :)

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