Monday, July 20, 2009

Stalking in Every Element

Heidi summed it up best today when she said we've now stalked in every possible element (snow, rain, unbearable heat, day, night....well, you get the idea), as we spent the majority of the afternoon waiting to meet Tori Amos. Despite what seemed like eons before she came out (made infinitely worse by the myriad of crazed Tori fans around us), once she finally did it was well worth it. Apparently she tries to do a meet and greet for fans before every show - it's not something publicized, but those "in the know" are aware and go wherever she is. I never would've known about such an event if not for my fearless follower friends (Matt and my cute boys in Florida) who, of course, had all the info. But, seriously, what artist does that? SO SO cool. Even better was watching her interact with her (cough cough) oh-so-enthusiastic fans, as she'd patiently hug and kiss and listen to their stories. I have to admit that I *may* have fallen a little bit in love with her after watching how sweet and patient she was with fans. Everyone got a picture and time with her. How great is that?

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Kate said...

That's pretty awesome. I too like a lot of her songs, but I've never been to a concert of hers before. You'll have to let us know how it went. Seriously, she sounds really cool. And these are the people who are her true fans- so it's awesome that she is so down-to-earth and knows how to treat those who buy her albums and concert tickets. Perhaps Kel-Kel could take a page or two from Tori's book... I'm just sayin'.