Monday, July 27, 2009

Pinky's Fandance, Saturday Edition

One of the reasons I went to California (OK, the main reason) was to see the play Farragut North at the Geffen Playhouse. I dragged my dad to the end of the early show so that we could scope out the stars leaving the theater. Luckily, Christopher Noth (aka Mr. Big from Sex and the City, as well as a cop on Law & Order) walked out pretty quickly and was in the lobby taking pictures. Unfortunately, the person taking a picture right before me took forever and he seemed annoyed by that (in addition to his having friends waiting for him), so I don't think he was all that stoked to take a picture with me. Truth be told, I'm not particularly thrilled with the lighting in the picture, or his closed eye, but I'm pretending he's winking at me. Yeah, that's it. Whatever makes me feel better, right?

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BCassFam said...

Was he taller than you?