Thursday, July 23, 2009

California, Here I Come

After work today I'm leaving for my big California Adventure. Don't be jealous. Unfortunately, this terrible cough/cold has taken up residence deep within my chest and I sound like some 100-year-old woman dying of emphysema. Lovely. I'm sure the other patrons at the play on Saturday night will be completely grateful we decided to see that show in particular. Crap. Tonight I'm staying in St. George with Crusty before she moves far away and on my way back I'm staying with my BFF Lanette. I'm excited. Yes, it's a long drive and, truth be told, I'm a *wee* bit over long drives lately, but no matter. It's my last adventure for awhile, so I'm going to live it up. Not sure if I'll be able to blog from my dad's, but I'll certainly try (lest you miss me way too much). Have a great weekend (and for all you Utahns, Happy Pioneer Day tomorrow). :) Pinky out. And, scene.

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