Monday, July 27, 2009

Celebrity Wrap Up - Monday Edition

Hello and welcome to the delayed edition of Monday's Celebrity Wrap Up. Actually, while we're at it, let's just call this the "Holy Crap" edition. :)Holy crap! When did David Silver get sleeves (read: tatts down his arm)? I don't think his TV wife, Donna Martin, would approve.
Holy crap! Kate Gosselin takes out her own garbage? I'm shocked, I say, shocked!!! Holy crap! Did Jennifer Aniston really pair those raggedy jeans with a big ol' somewhat fancy scarf? Um, huh?Holy crap! Why does Russell Brand always look so filthy dirty? I'd have to plug my nose to get a picture.
Holy crap! Wow, Fergie's really done it this time..... Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is the gold belt part of a Wonder Woman costume? How can she wear that with a straight face?

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