Monday, July 27, 2009

What a Hot Spot!

So, in the brief time we were in the part of LA where the Geffen Playhouse is located, I spotted six celebrities. Out of those six, I was able to get pictures with four; one said no (which is a story for another time), and one sat next to us at dinner: Don Diamont, who played Brad the pool boy on Young and the Restless. Um, hello, tasty treat. He was always super hot on the show, but in person he's even better. It killed me to sit there and not pounce on him (er, I mean, ask for a picture). I was planning to ask for a picture when he finished dinner, but alas, he was there long after we left. Sigh. Oh well. Perhaps the planets will align and I'll see him again someday. It could happen, right?

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