Friday, July 31, 2009

Celebrity Wrap Up - Saturday Edition

Hello and welcome to Saturday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.

Hey, Jude (insert Beatles song here). First of all, you're there to sign autographs and look pretty. Not to read. Wrap that up, OK? Secondly, the scarf? Really? I'm afraid you've got a touch of the gay scarf. I'm just saying.Hmmm. Apparently Kate Hudson can close her mouth....but, man, does she look mean when she does. I think she wants to hurt me.

Man, that Jonah Hill is one fine piece of man meat, I tell you. Except he's dancing with dirty, smelly Russell Brand, which must really suck. Pee-eww.

Is it? Could it be? Is Posh Spice actually human and normal? She's even wearing flip flops! Wow. Miracles never cease.

Nice bedspread, Ri-Ri.

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