Sunday, July 12, 2009

People Watching Rules

There were many, many oddities seen in Vegas and many so that I couldn't possibly take pictures of all of them (or any, really - how would I pull that off?). Luckily, I created a mental image of my favorites and am able to describe them in detail for you now. Without any further adieu, my Top Three Outfits: 1) The older gentleman downtown wearing a tank top (of course) which said, "Don't Drink and Drive (because you'll spill your drink)." He matched this gem of a shirt with camo shorts, a drink in-hand, and sneakers. I'm pretty sure he had keys in his pocket for a trailer (but no judgments). 2) The mother and daughter in the gas station today with MATCHING Ogilve home perms. Yep, that's right. One of the home perms wasn't enough, so they had to be twinners with the matching do's (or else they both stuck their fingers in a light socket). I'm envisioning a large collection of Troll dolls at their home and lots of dog hair. I don't know why. 3) The man dressed in yellow from head to toe with a big straw hat. I swear it was the guy from Curious George in the Big Yellow Hat. Sadly, he was missing a monkey (but if Galoon were here, he'd have gladly posed with him). :)

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