Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Riddance, Wes!

Jillian took the boys to Spain for this week's episode of The Bachelorette. First off, she had her date with Kiptyn. As much as I like him and how much she's crushing on him, he kinda gives off a weird vibe. I'm not sure why. Is he somewhat closed off? Is he withholding? I'm not going to lie....I don't understand her skipping the overnight dates. I've never seen anyone forgo the overnight dates before. What were her reasons? Is anyone going to get an overnight date? Next up was her date with Reid. He's so freaking cute....even with all his neurotic tendencies, I find him completely adorable. However, did she have to compare both Reid and Kiptyn as feeling like "her boyfriend?" I mean, at least be original. And again with not staying over? I don't get it! Also, are people really surprised by what the card says? Why? Hello, that stupid move is on EVERY season....if you've watched this show even once you'd know it was coming. Come on. Don't be dumb.

Ed had his work cut out for him. As much as I'm stoked he came back, he did get a little bit cheated (plus, what happened to his job? Did he lose it?). Um, is Jillian a 12-year-old girl? All she wants to do is make-out with someone? Hmmm. Good for Ed for sticking his neck out and pressing for the overnight date. She's being dumb to not do it in my opinion. Plus, if she's going to decline all the cards, why doesn't she just not have them come out to begin with? That seems like a better idea. OK, I'm so glad she finally accepted the Fantasy Suite with him. I love her with Ed. He might be my favorite (can you tell I'm "Live Blogging" as the show is on?).

Wes is still a surprise there! Man, could their date be more awkward? There's the uncomfortable date I've been waiting for. I like that the first thing out of his mouth was how his album went #1 in Spain. He's such a self-centered prick. I liked how perplexed he was when she suggested he move to Vancouver. As if he'd ever do something for someone else! Puh-lease. This is Wes we're talking about here. If she doesn't cut him I'm going to be SHOCKED. No one else deserves to be cut but him. Holy crap, did he just say Numero Uno is most important here? Yikes. Awk-ward. SAY NO TO THE FANTASY SUITE, Jillian!!! Oh, good. I think she's *finally* seeing the light. Hit the road, Wes.

Rose Ceremony report: Could Wes look any shlumpier? Why is he wearing jeans? Does he even care? Oh, that's right. No. First rose to....Ed! :) No surprise there. I predict Reid will be next. Oh, and I'm right (am I good, or what?). I LOVE that Wes knows he's history! Ha! That's awesome. And Kiptyn gets the last rose. Finally!!! Wes is gone gone gone. Hooray!!! Now I like all three that are left. :) Yay! Oooh, I HATE him!

The previews had all three guys talking as if in the finale, so I'm not sure who'll be left? Ed and Reid? They need to fly Ed's family out to meet her. That would rule.

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Meg Rogers said...

Wes is so bad that I can't believe he is for real. C'mon is someone that comfortable being a complete ass in front of the entire country. I don't get it. Oh well, tired of the drama. As you said, "Good Riddance."

As for the others, I like them all, don't really have a favorite. Chandler has a certain charm though, love the way he teases Jillian. Looks like she doesn't get the fairy tale ending. Very interesting...