Thursday, July 9, 2009

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

The Regeneration Tour was a lot of fun, despite only having three bands play. First up was the Cutting Crew, who for some reason I confused with The Outfield (whom I adore). While I do like the Cutting Crew, I was really wanting to see The Outfield. Hmmm.Next up was Wang Chung - and they were great! I think they were my favorite. I love Wang Chung, though. I used to have their record of "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight" and I'd play it all the time. Their hair might be grey, but my goodness, they've still got it! Finally, ABC took the stage and that guy can sing a tune! He was a lot of fun....but I did sneak out a little early (as I saw them last year and it was getting late). While I was there, I ran into Todd and Erin from the B97 radio show (who know McB, so it was fun to talk to them). They were great fun! :) Obviously, Erin totally loved me. :) Despite not seeing my dreamy keyboardist from last year, the show was a blast and I'm glad I went.

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