Thursday, July 9, 2009

Duranie for Life

I believe we've discussed my true love for Duran Duran a time or two. Oh, we have? When I was 12, I used to create these concoct these elaborate stories about how Nick Rhodes would whisk away to some version of happily ever after (I still believe....). My friend would spend the night and we'd stay up all night telling each other stories about Duran Duran and which one would be our True Love Forever. As always, my true love is Nick Rhodes (yes, the gayest looking what?). I'm SO excited to go to Vegas tomorrow and see my cute boys in person (again). I first saw them in Junior High....then when I was 21....and I think I've seen them three or four times since then. I'm loyal, you know. Still, I've yet to get close enough for a photo opportunity....maybe someday....hear that Duran Duran fairie? Please bring me Nick Rhodes....thankyousoverymuch.

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Kate said...

Have the BESTEST time ever! And I will hope that all your Duran Duran/Nick Rhodes wishes come true! Drive safe!!