Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Dentist Can Suck My Left Tooth

Perhaps we should start this story with some history. Not to brag, but I've got good teeth. Always have, always will. I brush regularly and have had very few cavities over the years. In fact, the worst thing that's ever happened to my mouth is my broken left front tooth enveloped in a permanent crown (stupid roller skating accident). Otherwise, my teeth are perfect (well, aside from recent bleeding in my gums, but I'm sure that's normal, right?). So, I'd been going to the same dentist for over five years and he was fabulous - he cleaned my teeth every six months and always told me how great my teeth were (and who doesn't love being praised on a regular basis?). Well, about six months I switched dentists at my friend's suggestion (I think she got something for me switching and my dentist was farming his stuff off to other people, which I hate). Well, New Dentist seems to be ripping me off. During my initial cleaning he somehow found two cavities. Surprising, to say the least, but whatever. I had them filled. Today was my second cleaning with him and amazingly he found two more things wrong. Not actual cavities, mind you, just decay. Screw that. I told them I wouldn't have them filled, since I feel like they're running some sort of racket where they're looking for things wrong. Yes, I said that to them. Out loud (not just in my head). Why do I need to be told what's wrong all the time? While I suppose I can appreciate trying to be proactive, this is ridiculous. I'm not made of money to arbitrarily fix what's not even wrong. Jerky. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a new dentist now. Crap.


denedu said...

I remember seeing one of those 20/20 type shows a few years back talking about how lots of dentists across the U.S. were ripping people off telling them they needed things done that weren't necessary. Why does it seem that dentists try to get you for everything and doctors try to run you out the door as quickly as possible? What ever happened to good bed side manner so to speak? Hmph!

Angie said...
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