Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Physically Pffffft

I definitely need to find something to do for exercise. My heart rate seems unable to slow down after engaging in rigorous activity. Not a good sign. I pant like a dog (which is never attractive) and remain out of breath for what seems like forever. Hopefully my friend Betsey will come over and rescue me and my closets (as I can't bother Master Organizer Debra with the new arrival) - there's an exercise bike tucked away in one of my closets. If I can get it out (and make room for it) we'll be in business. Of course, hopefully soon (if the snow ever stops falling) I'll be able to resume my daily walk in the park. Man, I miss that.


Taryn said...

I love the cartoon you choose for this blog! And I hear ya about the ol exercise! I've been trying to do daily exercises since we'll be going on a cruise in May and it sucks! But I can't be the whale on the ship that is my only motivator! Keep us updated - I'd love to have someone to complain to about exercise!

Christi said...

OK- got a 5k walk for you- end of next month (March 28th) here in St. George I'm actually helping organize it and it benefits Lou Gehrig's Disease research (don't know if you remember my granddad died of Lou Gehrig's) have I guilted you into it yet?