Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sleep, Ice Cream, More Sleep

I need to find some sort of recipe for how to get over a relationship. So far my day has consisted of sleep, ice cream, sleep, dinner at McFamily's (where I only started crying a few times), and now I'm back home and about to go to sleep after having some more ice cream. Is this normal? Is there something else I could be doing? Why can't I get into one of those OCD phases where I obsessively clean and organize, thereby FINALLY getting my house in order? That would rule. Why am I afflicted by such a lame break-up ritual? Any suggestions? (Oh, and as a special note, I really only ate like two scoops of ice cream, I just ate really slowly so it seemed like a lot. Don't worry - I won't become one of those people who needs to be removed from her house by a crane because I can't fit through the door. That's the last thing I need!). :)

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