Sunday, February 22, 2009

Celebrity Wrap Up - Monday Edition

In honor of the recent awards ceremonies (the Spirit Awards and the Oscars), I present today's Celebrity Wrap Up.Miley Cyrus had the audacity to say (in her red carpet interview) that she hoped to be back next year as a nominee for her movie in April. Um, are you serious? Sweetie, the only award Hannah Montana is going to receive is the Most Annoying Thing In The World by all mothers everywhere.Cameron Diaz showed off her love for all things Dr. Seuss at the Independent Spirit Awards.Can someone please tell me why Lisa Rinna was even at the Oscars? Seriously, did someone just feel bad about her botched plastic surgery and take pity on her? I don't understand why she would ever be invited.Mena Suvari apparently took the title of the awards ceremony a little too literally and thought being an Independent Spirit meant looking like a hobo.I'm not sure what I'm more excited by - SJP's super cool mint gown, or the fact that she finally combed her hair. Hooray! I knew she'd one day use the brush I sent.


Ruthie----OH! said...

I shouted to the fam that SJP must have used your brush. I don't like her dress at ALL.

Hiba said...

I love Miley. And I will be seeing Hannah Montana the movie. And I thought she looked adorable in her cute little dress.

That is all.