Sunday, February 15, 2009

Celebrity Wrap Up - Sunday Edition

Welcome to today's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.Lindsay Lohan has moved on from leggings to some sort of riding crops. I'm not a fan. Thankfully she's with her ever-present best accessory - her surly girlfriend Sam. Why does she always look as ugly as possible? It must be some sort of skill.Victoria Beckham must be having some money issues because she's been borrowing clothes all over town. She grabbed her hair tie from a shower, the dog-as-a-jacket from Mary-Kate, the see-through top from Madonna, the leather (pleather?) pants from Olivia Newton-John on the set of Grease, and the sunglasses from Nicole Richie. Hard times, Posh.The good news is that if Jessica Simpson were ever involved with a plane crash, at least she's got her own flotation devices. Why is Jennifer Love-Hewitt wearing a blanket as a parka? I'm all for the Snuggly (a new blanket with sleeves which is all the rave), but this is NOT the same. And carrying her Louis Vuitton bag only makes her look more ridiculous.When did Elisabeth Hasselbeck turn 100? Man, she looks like death warmed over. Somewhere, Rosie O'Donnell is smiling.

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plainoldsarah said...

by the way, it's a "snuggie" which is even funnier than "snuggly." i know - i got one for the bf for vday. he liked it. i told him it was hug friendly. =) glad to see you had a love filled pink day!