Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's Good Practice, Right?

So, I've decided that even if nothing comes out of my relationship long-term, at least it's good practice, right? I'm doing things I never thought I'd do - take, for example, the fact that I now watch Family Guy on a regular basis - a show I've never watched in my entire life (which, surprisingly, is pretty funny). I listen to him break down linear equations and explain in great detail how a solenoid valve works, which is all very interesting and something I never would have known otherwise. I think it's good to spread my wings and try new things and learn how to communicate with another person (like a grown-up and not a four-year-old). In fact, I'm feeling so mature today, I actually wrote to Neverending Boyfriend and told him what's been bothering me. I'd been planning on just ignoring him for the rest of our natural born lives, but I decided to be a grown-up and let him know how I felt. Wow. Can you see me growing? :) I'm very modest about it, you know. :)

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