Monday, February 23, 2009

Biggest Questions of the Oscar Evening

There are still a lot of questions left needing to be resolved from last night's Academy Awards.Is Goldie Hawn aware that 63-year-olds should WEAR A BRA? Also, a gold dress. Really? Seems a little trite, Goldie.Um, how did Harvey Weinstein score such a hot wife? Oh, wait. Nevermind. I forgot. He's Harvey Weinstein.Was Dominic Cooper in need of an Oscar date? Because, Dominic, sweetie - I was available. I would've been happy to be your arm candy. Maybe next time? :)Does Sophia Loren have a girl-crush on Meryl Streep, or what? Look at her, she's smitten! I love how she's holding her hand like, "Look at us! We're total BFFs!!! The biggest besties in town." Speaking of Sophia Loren, I can only imagine she was praising the heavens that she was miraculously able to still find a designer who would make a dress with those hideous ruffles. Seriously, has she ever NOT worn those to an event? Who let this girl out of the house in that outfit? It's beyond horrible and her hair isn't much better. Danny Glover should be ashamed of himself. I mean, obviously she's got some friends, why didn't any of them help a sister out?Could Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer be any cuter? I love her hair and kudos to her for making it through the award presentation directly in front of Brangelina. I totally would've lost my shizz. Why is it when I look at this picture of Mickey Rooney and his wife, all I can hear is the song, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" in my head? Follow follow follow follow, follow the yellow brick road....

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