Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pinky's Fandance, Wednesday Edition

One of my very first celebrity experiences at Sundance was meeting Matt Damon (who still ranks #1 in the Nicest Celebrity category). The whole meeting came to pass because I was working in Special Events and some random person from Miramax called and wanted some party tickets. As I had a few extras, we did some wheeling and dealing and in the end I was on "the list" at a few select Project Greenlight events. Hooray! I initially saw Matt from across the room and our eyes met (sounds like out of a fairy tale, right?). Actually, I didn't know it was him, as he looks pretty average in his beanie and winter gear. Once I realized who it was, I made my way over and asked for a picture. After the picture we talked for at least ten minutes (mainly about Italy, Ben, his girlfriend being in town and them playing know, the usual stuff you talk to hugely famous stars about) and as the conversation was winding down I complimented his hat. Matt then looked at his friend and said, "Could you get Kristen a hat please?" So, not only was he Dreamy McDreamy Nicey, but he remembered my name AND gave me a present. TLF. :)

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