Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekly Recap

As this workweek (finally) comes to an end, I thought we'd revisit and introduce some of the weekly wins and fails that have arisen this week: Morgan Spurlock + Ian Ziering = WIN They are awesome and amazing.

Victoria's Secret Curl Hair Products = WIN

Look how curly my hair is.

Domino's Pizza + Rubio's = WIN I took some time to write to several eating establishments that I've been less than thrilled with lately. Both Domino's and Rubio's were very apologetic and sent free coupons to make up for it.News report of actual aliens = FAIL
This is an actual screenshot of a news report that was advertised during the TV show V. Um.....Stupid people in the workplace = FAIL
Yesterday I was asked the most ridiculous question that it took everything out of me to respond without saying DUH. Seriously, how to some people even get dressed in the morning?
Incest = FAIL This 72-year-old grandmother met her grandson and was immediately attracted to him. Since she didn't know him growing up, apparently it was OK to start a relationship with him and now they're expecting a baby from a surrogate. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! How does not knowing someone as a child make it OK for incest in any stage? It makes my stomach turn.
Brick Oven = FAIL
Not only was our service piss poor at Brick Oven a few weeks ago, but they had NO RESPONSE to my complaint in person or via their website. Nice way to make your customers feel important, jerks.

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