Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today's Top Stories

Ah, People magazine. You never fail to disappoint with your ridiculous headlines. Today's top story?How exactly is this news? I mean, at this point I'd be far more surprised if she WAS wearing her wedding ring. Do they pride themselves on being Captain Obvious?Of course, this news article just made me laugh. I mean, come on. Did they really think getting married five minutes after they met was going to translate into happily ever after? I'm surprised it lasted five months, let alone five years. Just please don't put him back on The Bachelor. I could barely stomach him the first time.Now, I'm not really into Dancing with the Stars, but last night as I was channel surfing, I came across the hot mess that is rhymes-with-Gate-Kosselin. Holy crap, that was some terrible dancing. I was mortified for her. I'm fairly certain her partner would be far better off dancing with something like this:Hey, at least the broom would have more personality. Please get sent home. Pretty please.

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