Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glee-Filled Day

First things first, People.com is at it again with a plethora of ridiculous headlines. My favorites?Well, duh. Who even needs to say that? Of course a friend and co-star would miss her. It'd be far more shocking for someone to say, "Whoo hoo! I'm glad that b*tch is dead!" (***note***I am not implying in ANY way, shape, or form that Dixie Carter was a bitch. Just making a point). Thanks for clearing that up, Jim, but no one was wondering, m'kay?Hey Kate, no one cares. Seriously. Just go away.
In much more exciting news, Glee returns tonight. I like this Rolling Stone cover except half the cast seems to be missing. Someone said it reminded them of the Friends Rolling Stone cover, but I don't know. I suppose they're similar enough.

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