Thursday, April 22, 2010

Awkward Family Photos - Part 1

I happen to be a sucker for the Awkward Family Photo emails that are sent around periodically. I was so excited to see a new batch of them today. There are quite a few I wanted to share, so I'll spread it out over a few days. Enjoy! A cabbage patch doll? Are you serious? The profile shot is my favorite. Good thing the doll has a pacifier - I wouldn't want it to cry during the photo shoot. Awwww....poor little guy. He was so excited to take a picture that he peed his pants. Wowsa. Talk about a hunk-a-hunk-a-burnin'-love. Where can I get his number? I know - it really needs no words. Still, I'd like to point out that where the orange cat is sitting seems rather close to the naked man's, um, manhood. Perhaps that explains the joyous look on his face?
Immediately after this picture was taken, the zombie on the right ate both of the other people in the picture.

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