Wednesday, April 28, 2010

R.I.P. Brendan Fraser's Career

It is with great sadness that I pronounce Brendan Fraser's career officially dead. In remembrance, let's look back at his rise and fall: When you look at the cast from School Ties, it's like a dream cast of all the A-listers. Well, mostly. This was a great film with a stellar cast which went on to do many award winning projects.
I can't lie - I kind of loved Encino Man. Don't judge me. Of course, it didn't hurt that Pauly Shore and Sean Astin were also in it. How could that go wrong? Mindless, sure, but still fun.My favorite Brendan Fraser movie by far was Blast from the Past. What a sweet little film. And who could forget the scene when he was tearing it up on the dance floor? Loved it.
The Mummy movies were what really put Brendan on the map. True, they may have lingered on too long, but he was dreamy as an action hero.
Seemingly unstoppable, Brendan Fraser followed the Mummy movies with a role in the Academy Award winning film, Crash.Sadly, while he did have a few good films, most of his credits include crap like these. First on the list? The looney tunes movie. He's starring with cartoon characters. Need I say more?The next tragedy was Monkeybone, where his co-star was an animated evil monkey. Yeah, you heard me right.Of course, it's hard to say which was worse - Monkeybone or the unwatchable Bedazzled with Elizabeth Hurley. Gah. This was painful. Brendan's face above perfectly describes how I felt about that movie.
Now, George of the Jungle had good and bad because a shirtless, ripped Brendan = bliss. However, the storyline left a lot to be desired. It's no wonder he never starred in any of the sequels. Even he knew it sucked.
The final nail in Brendan's coffin is the upcoming movie Furry Vengeance where his co-stars are a bunch of animals. Every single time I see the horrid trailer for it on TV I hang my head and take a moment of silence for Brendan's now deceased career. R.I.P. Brendan. You'll be missed.

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