Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Can't Help It If I'm Hardcore

Last night I was talking to a good friend of mine who I've known since I was 16. She was telling me how she recently ran into a mutual friend who'd asked about me and she told him that I was very different now. In fact, she told him I'm rather hardcore. Um, hardcore? That makes me laugh. Yes, I have a lot of tattoos, but most of them are hearts, flowers, or cartoon characters. Would a hardcore biker have tatts like that? I think not. My sister has a theory that I start subconsciously wigging out around every birthday and get a new tattoo. She might be right. One year I got Strawberry Shortcake on my foot. Another year I got Hello Kitty on my leg. Am I somehow trying to bring back my youth? A few weeks ago I decided to finish (for now, at least) my name tattoos. I'd gotten the first three spread out over the years, but always meant to get the rest of the names (all belonging to my nieces and nephews). Initially I wanted Spenser's name to be in the center and then have the rest circle his, but the tattoo artist said I'd run out of room. He also couldn't match the original font of the first three names, so we did something different. They're now in chronological order and the siblings are divided by different fonts. I think it turned out great, although getting four done at once was probably a *tad* too ambitious. They're still healing. My most exciting addition was just done earlier this week. Ever since I saw Rihanna with her falling stars tattoo, I've wanted to do something similar. I've been a bit obsessed with them, I'm not going to lie. Finally I found someone who gave me a great deal on them and now they're the coolest things ever on my back (well, aside from my Little Mermaid tattoo on my shoulder). I love it (sorry Mom and Dad). Now, will I get more? Not sure. I can't say. Is 25 enough? :) Probably. But, I still have more skin (just kidding).

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