Friday, April 23, 2010

Celebrity Wrap Up - Sunday Edition

Hello and welcome to Sunday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up. Yikes. I don't think white lace would really look good on anyone.....but Jess? Oh, my.
Ah, Kelly. Perhaps purple isn't the best color for you, as it's a little too close to resembling Barney. Yes, I still remember you were a bitch to us. Don't think I'll forget that anytime soon.
It always amazes me how Cher is able to take what she was given (which, let's face it, wasn't really God-given beauty) and turns it into something that's almost beautiful. Manly, yes, but with what she has to work with, her features really don't look so bad.
Is Katy Perry wearing an acid washed jean dress? Gah. I HATE acid washed anything.
Do my eyes deceive me? Is Lindsay actually smiling? I'm going to pretend I can't see those leggings.

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